Canon Same, But Not The Same

To introduce the new Canon RF lens, we invited the twins, Sabrina and Gigi to share their views on marriage of each other based on intuition. Throughout the conversations, it brings up the point that twins might look alike in appearance, but they can be so different on characters and interests. Likewise, 3 series of photographs portray the beautiful sisterhood between them. When you get closer, there are definitely significant differences from within, inside and outside. This is what makes them unique and shine in their own ways indeed. This is how Canon delighting you always.


Our Role
Content & Strategic Planning


Creative & Art Direction: Ruck, Viann
Photographer: Dicky Manana
Model: Sabrina Cheung, Gigi Cheung
Makeup and Styling: Starry Avenue Makeup & Hairdo
Project Management: Queenie, Charlie
Client: Canon Hong Kong