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Feva is a digital agency specializing in content creation. With a team of 30 passionate digital marketers, Feva brings brands closer to the audience by telling stories sophistically – the art that combines creativity, relevancy, values, and planning.


Your Reliable Partner

Being a one-stop solution house, we deliver to our clients effective marketing strategies, creative directions, social media campaigns, animations, micro films, campaign sites and anything digitally good.

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Integrated Strategy

We achieve your business goals through strategic approach that harnesses both the power of social media platforms and traditional channels. Through sophistically implementation of strategic marketing plans, we deliver 360 campaigns and regular content to win your potential customers.

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Content Marketing

We plan, create, and deliver resonant content across the proliferation of channels that meets the ever-changing expectations people now have for organisations. Our team of creative talents and marketing specialists produce high quality short videos, animated clips, key visuals, TVCs and social media feeds to move the target audience down the conversion funnel.

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Amplification & Analysis

Analytics and Reporting –  We measure your campaign results, organize data, take a deep dive and identify emerging trends and opportunities and turn them into strategies.

Content Optimization – We know it is always “no pay, no play”. Reaching the right group of audience with laser-targeting is the way to maximise the impact of your content marketing efficiency.

Social Listening – Our team helps you to understand and keep track of how your audience respond to your content and get a bigger picture of how they perceive your brand.

Influencer Marketing – Content created by and shared from influencers is often provided with a higher ROI. We get you the right influencer helps you to bridge the gap between the brand strategy and customers experience.

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Web & Extended Reality Design

Responsive UI/UX Design – From campaign sites, EDM to online portals, we create beautiful webs that are highly functional. We structure your content and help you establish the right art direction. We code fancy interactions and sophisticated bank-end to smoothly put your business online.


Extended Reality Design – We create augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) experiences blending the physical and virtual world to impress your audience. With a team of top 3D designers and interactive developers, we make sure our XR work will meet your edutainment and marketing needs.

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