FevaWorks Solutions

Feva is a digital agency specializing in content creation. With a team of 30 passionate digital marketers, Feva brings brands closer to the audience by telling stories sophistically – the art that combines creativity, relevancy, values, and planning.


We Do

Being a one-stop solution house, we deliver to our clients effective marketing strategies, creative directions, social media campaigns, animations, micro films, campaign sites and anything digitally good.

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Strategic Planning

Social media strategy – We reach your target audience effectively through Strategic approach. Harness the power of social media platforms to achieve your business objectives and goals.


Content strategy – You’re in Good Hands. We plan, develop and manage content for you to achieve maximum success. Let your content speaks for your brand and connects with customers.

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Content Creation

Content Implementation – Engagement is the key in achieving any objectives on social media. We strive to create resonating content to appeal to your target audience that helps to build a communal relationship between the brand and customers, and that’s how we shift them down the conversion channel.


Video Production – Want lasting impact or viral effect for your campaign? Watch your brand stories come to live with our captivating productions!

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Amplification & Analysis

Analytics and Reporting –  We measure your campaign result, organize data, take a deep dive, identify emerging trends and opportunities and turn them into strategies.

Content Optimization – Facebook has long been a “no pay, no play” platform. Reaching the right group of audience with laser-targeting is the way to maximise the impact of your content marketing efficiency.

Social Listening – Get to know and keep track of how your audience respond to your content and get a bigger picture of how they perceive your brand.

Influencer Marketing – Content created by and shared from influencers is provided with a higher ROI than an average display ad. Getting the right influencer helps you to bridge the gap between the brand strategy and customers experience.

Reputation Management – In Feva, we would like to think ahead for our clients because we want to protect their most valuable market asset – Brand Reputation, through Monitor, Acquisition and Amplification.

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Website Design & Development

Responsive Web Design

We provide Responsive Web Designs for websites that can be easily navigable on screen of any size and device.


Website Template Design

We help in creating Website Template Design that can be used on all platforms, which reduces the number of non-users as platform restriction is almost nil.


EDM Design

Don’t stress yourself over juggling multiple vendors for coding, design and writing, as we are here to create high-impact promotional EDMS to get your messages across with maximum impact.

Our Works

Our Clients

We see ourselves as your extended team. Therefore, communicativeness, the quality of being willing, eager and able to impart information is always the key.

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