HKO Reminiscing Typhoon Wanda

To raise awareness about extreme climate, we reminisced the infamous Typhoon Wanda in 1962 by collaborating with local artist, Hoi Chiu, to perform a captivating live sand painting. Sand was scattered on a lightbox and reformed into ever-changing shapes that visually tell different stories of people confronting and staying strong under the typhoon. To further create resonance among the public, we invited 金剛叔 who played the significant role in the audio drama of Commercial Radio Hong Kong, “18/F Block C”, as the narrator along the video to evoke a sense of nostalgia and collective memories. The video successfully gained positive interactions and delivered the message “the time you ever look back is to see how far you have come”.

Our Role
Video Production
Script Writing
Strategic Influencer Line-up

Creative/Production Team: Leo, Ruck, Viann, Queenie, YC
Sand Art Performance: Hoi Chius and Art
Narration: 金剛叔 aka 周老闆
Client/Script Proofread: Hong Kong Observatory
Partner: 蘇杭街一號
Special thanks: Mr. Wat Yau Tin