Digital Transformation Support Pilot Programme TVC

Administered by Cyberport, the Digital Transformation Support Pilot Programme was launched to provide F&B and Retail SMEs with up to HK$50,000 subsidies on a one-to-one matching basis in order to automate their operations, promote their businesses more effectively, and manage sales and customers easily.

In the TVC created by team Fava, business owners of a cafe and a boutique struggled in their work and later on experienced the many benefits from digital transformation brought by the DTSPP. The tone was light and warm, aiming to bring positivity to the business owners in Hong Kong.

Client: Hong Kong Cyberport
Agency Team: Crystal, Faddy, Heidi, Ming Yeung, Soso
Director: Heison
Producer: Stefani
Cast: Matthew and Beatrice
VO: Jesper