Bowtie – HKSAR’s 8th Term Re-elected Bowtie Senior Advisor

Bowtie is the first Hong Kong-based virtual insurance company. Its insurance products can be bought online within a few clicks. To strengthen Bowtie’s customer-centric image, FEVA created an imaginary public speech on autonomy given by former Financial Secretary John Tsang in a set inspired by an iconic scene from the Cantonese film Golden Chicken 2.

In the video, John, one of the 2017’s Chief Executive election candidates, talks about his wishes for Hongkongers in the year 2047. In this fictional future, though many things are still beyond Hongkongers’ control, the rights in choosing the perfectly pure insurance products have finally granted to all.

Amid all the uncertainties during the launch of the video, the work resonates so closely with what the community has been requesting and gained positive receptions on social media.

The government does giveaways to please the public. In Cantonese, it’s often called 派糖. To sustain the campaign, an on-street 派糖 event was hosted in September to giveaway 6,000 pieces of lollipops called “真保珠”. With the tag line “攞真保珠,攞真保障”, the act of 前財爺派糖 have drawn media’s attention.

Each 真保珠 is printed with a QR code directed to Bowtie website with a promotional code to put people through an O2O journey. This further enhances the campaign message – everyone has the right to choose their perfect insurance product.