World Food Safety Day 2023 戀食物語

Sometimes when we see students in their uniforms on the street, we can’t help but reminisce about our youthful high school days and think of that first love who made us both the happiest and the most heartbroken…

If back then, we could have been like the protagonist in the movie, knowing how to follow the five key points of food safety, caring for and looking after each other, would they still be by our side today?

We are grateful for the trust of our customers over the years. This year’s #WorldFoodSafetyDay2023 is even bigger, as we present a romantic drama on par with Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese idol dramas called “Love and Lust – A Story about Food” (戀食物語)! Special thanks to all the actors, production team, and colleagues for their boundless creativity, すごいね~~


Bosco, Jason, Manly, Mingyeung, Potter, Rain, Rondo, Vincent

籃球隊長: @leung___star