Wellcome Online Store Launch Campaign

Introducing the exciting and user-friendly Wellcome online store app and website, designed to make shopping a breeze for families everywhere! To promote the convenience and wide variety of the newly launched online store, a series of videos and social media content is created targeting family audiences. In the video, the shopping problems of a father, his daughter, and their puppy are easily solved with the help of the Wellcome online store app, guided by Lesley Chiang (姜麗文). Additionally, a key visual featuring the family members chasing after the app offers has been developed, which is adapted into various offline formats.

Client: Wellcome
Team: Dawson, Heidi, Kay, Milly, Rice, YC
Casts: Lesley Chiang, Madman, Una
Director: Yin
Producer: Jimmy
Photographer: Noel