Shall We Talk 聽說 IV

The pandemic has brought unsettling shocks, not only to our lives, but also to our mental well-being.

The never-ending at-home learning & teaching, the heart-wrenching solitude, and the anti-pandemic fatigue, these struggles might sum up what we’ve been through in the past 3 years.

This year, we have created “Hear\Say IV” for “Shall We Talk” – a series about embracing and healing oneself. Be immersed in the extraordinary cinematography, the mesmerizing set design, and the captivating performance by our host Vincent Kok, and let us listen closely to what our hearts have to say.

Director and Production: Maggie Leung & team
Art Direction: IP Siu and team
Our Team: Bosco, Leo, Ming Yeung, Sarah, Siu Wong, Vincent
Special thanks to our partner Jervois One