Salt and Sugar Reduction Video Content

Reduction of sugar and salt intake is an essential element of health. Ignoring it not only affects our body shapes but will also create long-term health problems. While many people are aware of this, eating healthily requires a change in lifestyle. Sufficient motivations and constant reminders are needed to reinforce the message.

Therefore, with the support of FHB and the Centre for Food Safety, we created a series of video content to promote healthier eating habit. For instance, we have a documentary episode called 少鹽多滋味 featuring Dim Sum chefs to tackle the misconception that less salt will sacrifice good taste, as well another episode called 少糖一樣甜 to have a bodybuilder recommending less-sugar recipes. Kid songs, cooking demos, and nutritionist videos are also made to target different audience segmentation. And by the way, we also did a Less-Sugar Friday map for bubble tea lovers to locate tea shops that offer a less-sugar option!

Team: Bonnie, Rain, Ruck, SiuWong, YC