“READiscovery / LIBRARY” Interactive Multimedia Exhibition

We see every interactive media project as a valuable learning opportunity to put knowledge into practice. The technology demonstrations posted online are often a different matter in real situations – lighting, material colors, different digital equipment, and even how visitors interact, are all important factors contributing to the final outcome, not to mention the art of collaborating with different parties. While the process is definitely a long term adrenaline rush, seeing a 3D model turned into a physical construction and an idea turned into an exhibit that allows citizens to interact and experience, such satisfaction is the greatest reward for every creator.

In the “READiscovery / LIBRARY” Interactive Multimedia Exhibition, six experience zones are used to illustrate the transformation journey of the Hong Kong Public Libraries since 1962 when the first library was established. To feel it in person, please visit the Hong Kong Central Library in person from now until November 20.


Special thanks to the very efficient construction team, projection team, the organizer Hong Kong Public Libraries, and the teachers and students from the joint organizer PolyU Design.

Team: Calvin, Emptyhand, Mazai, Simmi, YC, Yen