Pocari Sweat – Our Moment of Unity

Our campaign “Our Moment of Unity – Calling for the Hong Kong Secondary School Sports Teams 🏫🙌🏼” 【推舉 #全港中學運動校隊 🏫分享團結之最🙌🏼 】is finally out.

Here is an excerpt of colleagues’ feedback on the work:

“Unity! Passion! Youthfulness! Sweat!”
Colleague A

“We previously discussed whether to use live-action or animation. In the end, we felt that using animation would be more appealing to teenagers, our target audience. It doesn’t feel too commercialized either.”
Colleague B

“The attention to detail by 刀仔 and 崔氏兄弟 is exceptional. Every deliverable they provide is ‘Wow, it looks beautiful’ and ‘Amazing.’”
Colleague C

“I’ve always been envious of Japan for having so many beautiful animations. I believe Hong Kong also has many talented individuals in doing this.”
Colleague D

“Also, calling for the Hong Kong Secondary School Sports Teams!”
Colleague E

Client : @pocarisweathk
Agency : @fevasolutions
Creative team: Cheuk, Chiwa, Leo, Viann, Vincent

Animation production: @knifesonyu & @tsuibrothers 崔氏兄弟Team
Producer: @tsuibrothers
Animation director: @knifesonyu & @tsuibrothers
Animator: @cin_draw @ca.theeine @itzkronos
Composting: @tsuibrothers @kam_puii
Background: @tslgh_
Graphic: @angelmeowmeow
Sound Design: @angelmeowmeow