Lee Garden Association


Create a unique community where it embrace art & cultural atmosphere, get different communities to come together joining/ involving campaigns and events, to deliver content which can draw people closer to Lee Garden Association


Creative Concept

Lee Garden district is the most bustling area for shopping and leisure in Causeway Bay and it’s also a unique community where old and the new culture meet. The existence of Lee Garden Association Facebook Fan Page brings people closer to experience the relevant side of the Lee Garden area, by revealing the stories of a day in the life of smaller merchants and every street corner.

What is meaning of “Association”? We want to emphasise on the connection between people. It is because there is an affable atmosphere created by all the members of this community.

Our persona is just like another neighbour on the social media platform, we’re hoping to bring the stories of this community to you. There is no hard-selling content, we just communicates with readers only through authentic, resonating content.