HKJC With You. Then. Now. Always. Promotion

For almost 140 years, The Hong Kong Jockey Club has been an integral part of the community witnessing Hong Kong’s remarkable growth into a vibrant city. The “With You. Then. Now. Always.” 與你並肩每一天 exhibition discovers how the Club collaborates with thousands of projects and charity partnerships to create positive and lasting impact in Hong Kong.

In order to raise awareness and promote the exhibition, team Feva created a thematic video designed to capture the essence of the exhibition and convey its significance to the audience. The video was then shared across various online media platforms, ensuring its reach to a wide audience.

To amplify the promotion further, five influencers were selected to participate in the campaign. These influencers shared the video on their own social media channels and also created their own unique video and photo content featuring their family members. This collaborative effort aimed to engage their respective fan bases and generate interest in the exhibition.

Collectively, the influencers and their fan bases reached an impressive 400,000 fans. This widespread exposure helped to create buzz and generate excitement about the exhibition, encouraging more people to visit and experience the impactful work of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.