Feva New Office @ Connaught Rd W

It was about half a year ago when we realised our office space was no longer enough. We thought we shall just rent another unit downstairs for conference rooms and remodel the office space to make more working area.

And when we were just about to sign the lease for the unit downstairs, one of us pointed out that the “memento” was missing from our ideas during a project’s brainstorm session. That was the moment of awakening. It got us thinking that we have been clinging on to the idea of the “good old days”, instead of creating “mementos” for the present. A problem too small to be noticed but can soon become a monster.

Since then, we were determined to look for a brand-new office space, and this flavoursome (scents of dried seafood actually), retro building in Sheung Wan immediately stole our hearts. And the journey of months of refurbishing our new home began.

The move-in went smooth thanks to our mighty colleagues who quickly packed everything up while juggling between work. And kudos to those who helped in decorating the space and setting up the networks, especially Kaka, our commander-in-chief of the relocation project.