Daikin 420 Series TVC

DAIKIN 420 series air-con is famous for its compact size and intelligent features that suit the needs of most Hong Kong families. To demonstrate this, FEVA came up with the tagline “小巧大滿足 COMFY!” and created a funny sitcom like video series in which dad, mom and grandpa encounter an awkward situation which is then solved by the smart daughter played by ViuTV star Amy Lo 盧慧敏 , who suggests getting a DAIKIN 420 series air-con.

In order to give a unique comedic look, a room was created for each of the family members. They share the same colorful pop-art style but with their own theme color and cute little props that look perfect with the flashy costumes.

Agency Team
(alphabetical order )
Account Director: Agnes
Chief Creative Officer: Leo
Art Director: Ruck
Associate Creative Director (copy-based): Viann
Creative Director: Vincent
Director: YC

Production Team
Director : KK Szeto @kkcto
Producer : Brandon Chan
Director of Photographer : Hon Sze Cheung
Art Director : Samo Wong
Styling : Janet Ho
Music : Joey Chu