Canon My Beauty

Canon My Beauty instagram account is specifically targeted female audience, a new perspective shoot from a more feminine point of view. Therefore, it gave us an idea to create a series of photography tributes to the irreplaceable friendship of women.


Creative Process
Based on the premise of Friendship/ Sisterhood between women are special, not biological sisters, yet bond in an emotional and intimate way. We want to tell an authentic story of enduring, trustworthy friendship between two best friends.

3 Photographs represent the stages that best friends go through – Companionship, Envy and Frankness, describe each of the emotions portray the beautiful friendship between them.

As we want to achieve good visual aesthetics and the photographs in Japanese Minimalist style, we have asked two models and a Insta-famous female photographer to participate in this project.


Our Role
Content & Strategic Planning
Social Campaign Activation


Creative: Queenie, Ruck, Viann, YC
Photographer: @cbmbc
Model: @kayze_lau , @melodycheng00
Makeup and Styling: @starryvenuemakeup
Copywriter: Viann
Photo Retouch: Ruck
Project Management: Queenie
Client: Canon Hong Kong