Land Rover – Never Stop Discovering

Through discovering different possibilities and life purposes in a carpool video, Land Rover Discovery’s renowned driving capabilities and compelling modern design await to be discovered.

The video starts with “Discovering together”, while the two best friends, Commercial Radio DJ 細So and the former singer 蕭潤邦 enjoy a ride in Land Rover Discovery SUV. As 蕭潤邦 talks about how he discovered the different possibilities in life, including his decision of getting married and how he changed his career at age 30, 細So shares his own lessons in life. The video ends with “Discovering Fatherhood” and the message “Never Stop Discovering” is conveyed, bringing forward a broader vision of the brand “Discovery”.

The video was launched in Dec 2019 when 蕭潤邦 was getting marry. Posted by the two celebs, their wives and a few entertainment FB channels, the video garnered over 670K views. As reported by Admango, the video was awarded as Top 1 Facebook Branded Videos ranked by No. of Views in 14 Days (19 Dec 2018- 1 Jan 2019).