Esperanza 薯片叔叔共創社

“Reimagine it!”
The most down-to-earth influencer “Mr. Pringles” is hoping to make a change for his home, Hong Kong, and its next generations. We are honoured to be one of the contributors to promote the core values of this campaign – Change our society for the better through Reimagination and live our lives differently by embracing different perspectives.
In order to achieve this goal, we wish to connect people, who come from different age groups, ethnic backgrounds and socioeconomic status, to come together and make changes in aspects of education, entrepreneurship, and health care.

Many people believe that their social power is not enough to make a difference, therefore, they would rather follow the traditional means for what they believe to be yielding the “best” result. For instance, many critics complain that Hong Kong’s education system built decades ago has failed to serve our parents and children right in today’s society, given that Hong Kong values an exam-focused culture. Demands of continues assessments do not foster a love of learning, but limit the emotional intelligence of children. Human attributes such as creativity, entrepreneurship and strong communication skills should rather be the concerns in the academic agenda. Yet, if people are willing to think out of the box and try to step out of their comfort zone, they are likely to make an impact and bring positivity back into the community.

Not everyone has the same interest or the motivation to make changes, such as replacing traditional knowledge-based learning with experiential learning . In such case, we have tailored-made an easy and effective way to communicate with the public regardless of their backgrounds. That is, we created a series of short films to help deliver the message, while keeping in mind that “Mr. Pringles” himself is a music and movie lover. They work to give people new insights on how to perceive the world and themselves differently. It is important to help people to expand their worldview and to better understand that each one of us has the power to change the society bits by bits, which may accumulate to a bigger change. By sharing the interest of “Mr. Pringles” and watching those creative short films, people are urged to be creative and to accept diversity, rather than being shaped by the systemic society. In order to reach out to more people, short films have been put up on a Facebook page, which was co-created with the Esperanza team. We will also be finding more innovative solutions to support the core values, hoping to be one of the role models to make a difference.